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History of the Midland Amateur Sports Capital Committee

How it began:
The Midland Amateur Sports Capital Committee was organized in 1989 as a committee of the Midland Convention and Visitors Bureau. The MASCC mission is to promote community sports and recreation and to encourage and support, by whatever means, Midland County as a site for local, state, regional and national sporting events and to make our county the "Amateur Sports Capital of Michigan".

Who are we:
Our committee members are all volunteers. They represent a cross section of the Midland athletic community such as profit and non-profit sports clubs, schools (K-12 and university), recreation facilities and media.

Founding Committee Members:
Dick Blasy, Bud Carpenter, Dave Coffey, Roger Friend, Clint Harrington, Bill Mick, Marty McGuire, Greg Rogers, Terry Stanton, Amy Strickler, Andrea Taylor, Christine Taylor, Corey Thayer, and Bud Townsend.

Past Chairpersons:
Marty McGuire, Bill Mick, Dave Coffey, Terry Stanton, and Steve Marsh.

Past activities of the MASCC:
Our committee has helped run or assisted in some way with the following state, regional, and national events: the Michigan Senior Olympics, the Mid-American Conference and Great Lakes Intercollegiate softball tournaments, the Olympic softball trials, the American Legion Baseball Championships, the United States Table Tennis Championships, Little League baseball tournaments, annual state and regional youth soccer tournaments, state senior softball championships, national speedskating events and the Michigan High School Athletic Association track and field state championships.

MASCC is known for the Midland County Sports Hall of Fame and Sports Booster Luncheons:
In 1990, 12 outstanding individuals were inducted into the very first Midland County Sports Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame currently boasts over 100 individuals and over 13 teams. The individual members each receive a plaque and a team representative receives a plaque while team members receive a certificate. Matching plaques are displayed in the Hall of Fame showcase. Previously the showcase was displayed at the old Midland Civic Arena next to the Midland Community Center. The building has been torn down. A more promenant display is now showcased at the new Midland Civic Arena, 405 Fast Ice Drive near Valley Plaza Resort. The new showcase highlights the plaques and some of the inductees memorabilia from their athletic achievements.

Sports Booster Luncheons started as an outlet to mix good food and sports talk. The luncheons are hosted once a month from September through May. Speakers ranged from the likes of renowned Detroit News sports editor Joe Falls to college and professioanl coaches, athletes and organizers. Local groups events often top the list as well.

To learn more about these events and other MASCC programs click 'Programs' from the menubar.

Making Changes:
June, 2008, the MASCC was granted 501c3 non profit status.

January, 2009, the Steve Marsh/Terry Stanton Scholarship Fund was established in memory of Steve Marsh and Terry Stanton, two former MASCC chairmen.

September, 2009, the MASCC web site was launched.

Fall 2011-2012, the MASCC begins relocation project of the Midland Sports Hall of Fame

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